From Formula 1 to torque measurement for plants and machines

Von der Formel 1 bis zur Industrie – Kontaktlose Drehmomentmessung im Einsatz

Magnetoelastic torque sensors have been in use in Formula 1 for a long time. They are used for purposes that include determining the actual output of the drive on the race track, supporting the on-board engine diagnostics and helping clutch control, all while being a valuable tool in determining the handling of the vehicle.

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Efficient solution for a variety of sectors and applications

By refining the process, MELECTRIC has elevated its technology to a degree of maturity that enables it to be used in a wide variety of applications in industry and mass production. The contactless torque measurement in a variety of functions helps to achieve a high level of data transparency in plants and machines – completely in line with Industry 4.0. The measurement system is easy to integrate due to its small size, and thanks to the low associated costs, it is even an optimal torque measurement solution for OEMs.

Applications in robotics require a sensor system for demanding control operations. The solution for MELECTRIC’s contactless torque measurement also offers an extremely quick system run-time or low latency. UART and I2C are two examples of communication protocols that can be used. The sensor system can be used for rotary measurements as well as static ones, and for measuring the angle of twist and acceleration.

Contactless torque measurement on shafts is now used for a wide variety of plants and in special machine construction. The sensor system delivers data in real time, so it can be used to control machines and plants just as easily as to monitor and test processes or validate products. The contactless design reduces maintenance costs and provides detailed data for comprehensive Condition Monitoring.

Application examples:
- Use on standard applications
- Testing and measuring of process sequences
- Validation of products

Due to its robustness in withstanding impacts, dust and high and low temperatures, MELECTRIC’s solution for contactless torque measurement is almost predestined for use in construction, agricultural and forestry machinery. Its applications range from measuring the output of engines and PTOs, to measuring the wear of blades, e.g. in combine harvesters or flail mowers, to optimising the machine load by monitoring capacity utilisation and fine-tuning the operating point.

In process engineering plants, it is possible to draw conclusions about values such as viscosity, flow-through rates and toughness when torque is measured on shafts in conjunction with using MELECTRIC evaluation electronics adapted to the respective application. In addition to monitoring the processes itself, the contactless measurement system can also be used to determine wear, e.g. of agitators, thus pre-emptively preventing plant downtimes.

Application examples:
- Measurement of viscosity, flow-through rates, wear and toughness

MELECTRIC’s technological solutions for performing contactless, maintenance-free torque measurement can be used in a wide variety of applications in vehicles. They help to increase the efficiency of the traction system, and improve performance and the handling of the vehicle. MELECTRIC torque sensor systems satisfy the high requirements that systems and components are expected to meet in the automotive industry. These maintenance-free systems can even be operated inside a gearbox, completely submersed in oil, and can also be found in dynamometers.

A lot of e-bikes on the roads already feature MELECTRIC’s robust, maintenance-free technology. In this case, contactless torque measurement is used as an efficient means to control the drive, with the sensor system integrated into the central motor or bottom bracket. Thanks to the low costs, scalability and possibility of mass production, MELECTRIC’s solution is a viable alternative to traditional torque sensors, including for OEMs. Other advantages for this application case include the system’s robustness, IP67 rating-compliant design, and its very high resistance to vibrations.
In fitness devices such as treadmills and spin bikes, MELECTRIC’s measurement system is used as a combined sensor system for torque and rotation speed, and for calculating performance or calorie consumption.

Measurement systems for air travel have to combine maximum precision with maximum reliability and minimum weight. MELECTRIC’s maintenance-free sensor for measuring torque weighs no more than 50 to 100 grams. Possible applications include measuring torque in rotor shafts or flaps, whether on a test bench or on an aircraft. The sensor system can also be used as a “lightweight” alternative to mechanical slip clutches.

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