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Unlock Precision with Our Torque Sensors and Transducers Torque measurement made easy

Experience the future of torque measurement with MELECTRIC’s cutting-edge technology. Our contactless torque sensors and torque transducers revolutionize the industry by utilizing dynamic torque sensor and driveshaft torque sensor technology.

Turn your drive shaft into a sensor! MELECTRIC’s innovation allows for contact-free torque measurements, achieved by detecting alterations in the magnetic field of a magnetized shaft. We specialize in developing tailored solutions for your specific applications, starting from the initial component analysis, through precise data evaluation, all the way to customized or mass production of your shaft.

Discover unparalleled accuracy and efficiency in torque measurement with MELECTRIC’s dynamic torque sensor and driveshaft torque sensor technology.

Our technology

Maintenance-free and easy to integrate

The advantage of contact-free torque measurement is this: the measurement system is maintenance-free and provides precise data for monitoring and controlling the machine throughout the entire service life of the shaft. Because the shaft itself becomes part of the sensor system, the solution is particularly economical for series applications, and requires only minimal installation space – meaning that maintenance-free torque measurement can be integrated into nearly any type of industrial machine or plant.

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From controlling the machine to predictive maintenance

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The system can be adapted for contact-free torque measurement of a wide variety of applications. These range from determining the load in certain operating statuses, to process regulation and collision detection in cobots. Analysing the data also enables you to make inferences about component wear, providing an affordable basis for predictive maintenance.

Discover our applications

Melectric Sensors USE CASE

The Red Bull KTM Factory Racing Team relies on our sensors to record torque and temperature in the transmission. By integrating the sensors directly into the drive train, the measurement for the coordination of highly dynamic processes in racing is possible. Our highly integrated and particularly powerful embedded systems are used here, which carry out complex filtering and algorithms for signal processing.

Innovative torque measurement for industry

Get the best out of magnetic torque measurement with the significant improvements that MELECTRIC has made. Thanks to our many years of experience in torque measurement technology and electronics development, our technology sets the standard when it comes to precision, reliability and quality.

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