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Drehmomentmessung mit Melectric Systems

Torque Measurement Usecase: The Advantages of Torque Sensors in Industrial Bolting Processes

Torque Sensor for Manufacturing Process and smart toolings in the industry. In the realm of manufacturing and assembly, the importance of precision in bolting and screwdriving cannot be overstated. As the backbone of product integrity and quality, these processes demand accuracy, reliability, and efficiency. Advanced torque measurement technologies, particularly those developed by Melectric Systems GmbH, are revolutionizing these fundamental tasks. By enhancing the precision and control over torque application, our technology brings a multitude of

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Contactless Torque Measurement: Precision and Efficiency in Manufacturing

Introduction: In the world of manufacturing, precision and efficiency are of paramount importance, and torque measurement plays a key role in ensuring these quality standards. Particularly in manufacturing machines such as milling, turning, and other high-precision applications, accurate torque measurement is essential. In this blog post, we will explore the advantages of contactless torque measurement in such machine applications and highlight its significance in modern manufacturing technology.   Why is Torque Measurement Important in Manufacturing

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Drehmomentsensor PTO

Drehmomentsensor Zapfwelle (PTO – Power Take off)

Drehmomentsensor für PTO und Zapfwelle. Drehmoment-Messflansch revolutioniert die Messung Die moderne Industrie und Agrartechnik erfordern präzise und effiziente Werkzeuge zur Optimierung von Prozessen und Maschinen. Insbesondere bei Anwendungen mit PTO (Power Take Off) wird die genaue Messung von Drehmoment und Leistung immer wichtiger. Hier bietet der Drehmoment-Messflansch eine innovative Lösung, die auf die Bedürfnisse von Industrie und Agrartechnik zugeschnitten ist. Drehmomentsensor: Spezieller Einsatz in Futtermischwagen In der Agrartechnik wird der Drehmoment – Messflansch bereits von

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Drehmomentmessung in der Moto GP

Optimierung in der Moto GP Rennserie mit Drehmomentsensorik von Melectric Systems GmbH In der Welt des Rennsports ist die genaue Kontrolle von Leistung und Schaltvorgängen entscheidend für den Erfolg. Der Schlüssel dazu sind präzise Messwerte, die eine effiziente Diagnose im Betrieb ermöglichen. Mit dem berührungslosen Drehmomentsensor der Melectric Systems GmbH ist es dem KTM-Redbull Factory Racing Team gelungen, die Leistung und den Optimierungsprozess ihres Moto GP Motorrads auf ein neues Niveau zu heben – schnell,

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Gearbox torque measuerment in heavy machine industry

Torque measurement is a critical component in the heavy machinery industry, where precise monitoring of torque can help operators optimize performance, save costs, and protect their machines from damage. One way torque measurement can save costs is by reducing fuel consumption. In heavy machinery such as excavators, bulldozers, and cranes, torque sensors can monitor the amount of torque required for specific tasks, such as lifting and digging. By optimizing the power output of the machine

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Smarter Farming with Magnetic Torque Measurement Systems – A Cost-Effective Solution for Fertilizer Spreader

The agricultural industry is facing significant challenges in the modern world. With rising costs for energy and fertilizer, farmers and food industry professionals are looking for new ways to optimize their operations and reduce expenses. One solution that is gaining popularity is the use of magnetic torque measurement systems in fertilizer spreaders. Magnetic torque measurement systems are a reliable way to measure the massflow of fertilizer in spreaders. By correlating the massflow with the measured

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Torque Measurement in Aircarft Flapwings

Revolutionizing Aircraft Flap Wing Systems: Melectric Systems‘ Magnetoelastic Torque Sensing Products can Replace Mechanical Clutches for Overload Detection

Aircraft safety is of utmost importance, and the ability to detect overloading and prevent potential damage is crucial. The mechanical clutches, which are traditionally used to provide overload protection in aircraft flap wing systems, have certain limitations. One of the biggest limitations is the wear and tear caused by friction, leading to the failure of the system. To overcome these limitations, Melectric Systems has introduced magnetoelastic torque sensing products for overload detection in aircraft flap

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Revolutionizing Metal Production: The Role of Torque Sensors in Sheet Straightening and Beyond

The manufacturing industry has witnessed significant technological advancements in the past few decades. With the rise of automation and robotics, the industry has transformed the way it operates. One of the key technologies that have played a significant role in the manufacturing industry is torque sensors. Torque sensors are used in various industrial applications, including metal sheet straightening and metal production. Metal sheet straightening is a process used to remove any bends or twists in

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Magnetic Torque Sensors in Moto GP Racing Series: Improving Performance with Advanced Measurements

The world of motorsports is constantly evolving, and Moto GP racing is no exception. In order to remain competitive, teams and manufacturers must constantly find new ways to improve performance. One area that has seen significant advancement in recent years is the use of magnetic torque sensors to measure and optimize the performance of racing bikes. Magnetic torque sensors work by using an electric current to generate a magnetic field, which is then used to

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Predictive maintainance

Magnetic Torque Sensors for Predictive Maintainance

Predictive maintenance is a modern approach to equipment maintenance that aims to prevent unexpected failures and downtime. The goal of predictive maintenance is to perform maintenance only when it is necessary, based on the actual condition of the equipment. This can save time, money, and resources compared to traditional preventive maintenance, where maintenance is performed at regular intervals regardless of the actual condition of the equipment. One of the key components of predictive maintenance is

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data analyse

Natural or resonant frequencies and its impact on torque measurement

When measuring torque, it’s important to understand the concept of natural frequencies. Natural frequencies, also known as resonant frequencies, are the frequencies at which a system tends to vibrate when it is disturbed. These frequencies can greatly impact the accuracy of torque measurements, and it’s essential to take them into account to ensure accurate results. One of the main challenges with natural frequencies is that they can cause a system to vibrate at a specific

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Torque Measurement to improve Pitstop times in racing

In Formula 1 racing, every second counts. Teams are constantly looking for ways to improve their performance and gain an edge over their competitors. One area where teams can make significant gains is during pit stops, where the right tools and techniques can mean the difference between winning and losing a race. One of the key tools that teams use to improve their pit stop times is torque measurement. During a pit stop, a team

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Von der Formel 1 bis zur Industrie – Kontaktlose Drehmomentmessung im Einsatz

Use of Torque Sensors in Motorsports

The motorsports industry is all about pushing the limits of performance and innovation. This applies not only to the vehicles themselves, but also to the technology used to measure and improve their performance. One of the key technologies in this regard is torque sensors, which are used to measure the amount of torque being produced by a vehicle’s engine or drivetrain. In Formula 1, torque sensors are used to measure the „Balance of Performance“ (BOP)

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Torque Sensing in the automotive industry

Melectric Systems: Pioneering the Future of Touchless Torque Measurement in the Automotive Industry The automotive industry is constantly advancing, with new technologies being introduced that help to improve the safety, reliability, and efficiency of vehicles. One area that has seen significant growth in recent years is touchless torque measurement. Melectric Systems is at the forefront of this industry, providing cutting-edge magnetoelastic torque measurement solutions for a variety of applications in the automotive sector. Our touchless

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Kontaktlose Drehmomentmessung für Ihre Robotik Anwendung

Torque measurement in Robotic and the future of that technology in applications with human interaction.

Torque measurement is a critical aspect of robotics and other technical applications where human interaction is involved. The ability to accurately measure torque allows for precise control of robotic systems, which can improve efficiency, safety, and performance. As technology continues to evolve, new measurement techniques are being developed that offer even greater accuracy and precision. One of the most popular techniques for torque measurement in robotics is the use of torque sensors. These sensors are

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Torque measurement in agricultural industry

Torque measurement is a crucial aspect of the agricultural industry, as it helps farmers and equipment manufacturers ensure that their machines are operating at optimal levels of efficiency and effectiveness.One of the key ways in which torque measurement is used in the agricultural industry is through the use of torque sensors. These sensors can be installed on various pieces of equipment, such as tractors, plows, and harvesters, to measure the amount of torque being applied

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How magnetostrictive torque sensors can improve the control of ebikes

Magnetostrictive torque sensors are a relatively new technology that is being used to improve the control of electric bikes, or e-bikes. These sensors measure the torque, or twisting force, that is applied to the bike’s pedals and use that information to control the power output of the electric motor. This can result in a more efficient and smooth ride, as well as improved battery life. One of the key benefits of magnetostrictive torque sensors is

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How can Torque sensors improve functional safety in electrical motors

Torque sensors are an essential component in ensuring functional safety measures for electric motors. These sensors are used to measure the torque, or twisting force, that is applied to the shaft of an electric motor. This information can then be used to detect and prevent potential hazards and malfunctions, which can improve the overall safety of the electric motor system. One of the primary benefits of torque sensors is that they can detect and prevent

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A comparison of magnetostrictive torque sensor technology and strain gauge

Torque measurement is an essential aspect of many industrial and mechanical applications, including electric motors, wind turbines, and robotics. Two of the most widely used technologies for torque measurement are magnetostrictive torque sensors and strain gauge-based torque sensors. Both technologies have their own set of advantages and disadvantages, and the choice between the two will depend on the specific application and requirements. Magnetostrictive torque sensors are based on the magnetostriction phenomenon, which is the ability

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