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Revolutionizing Aircraft Flap Wing Systems: Melectric Systems‘ Magnetoelastic Torque Sensing Products can Replace Mechanical Clutches for Overload Detection

Torque Measurement in Aircarft Flapwings

Aircraft safety is of utmost importance, and the ability to detect overloading and prevent potential damage is crucial. The mechanical clutches, which are traditionally used to provide overload protection in aircraft flap wing systems, have certain limitations. One of the biggest limitations is the wear and tear caused by friction, leading to the failure of the system.

To overcome these limitations, Melectric Systems has introduced magnetoelastic torque sensing products for overload detection in aircraft flap wing systems. These products are a game-changer for the aviation industry, as they offer numerous advantages over traditional mechanical clutches.

Magnetoelastic torque sensing products use a unique technology that involves a magnetoelastic sensing element. This element is made up of a magnetoelastic material that undergoes deformation when subjected to a magnetic field. The deformation caused by the torque applied to the flap wing system is measured and translated into an electrical signal that can be used to detect overloading.

The use of magnetoelastic torque sensing products provides several benefits, including:

  1. Increased safety: The ability to detect overloading in real-time provides an additional layer of safety for the aircraft and passengers.
  2. Reduced maintenance: Magnetoelastic torque sensing products are more durable and less prone to wear and tear than traditional mechanical clutches. This reduces the need for frequent maintenance and replacements, thereby reducing the overall cost of ownership.
  3. Improved accuracy: Magnetoelastic torque sensing products provide more accurate readings than traditional mechanical clutches, making it easier to detect even minor overloading.
  4. Smaller form factor: Magnetoelastic torque sensing products are smaller and lighter than traditional mechanical clutches, making them ideal for use in aircraft where weight and space are critical factors.

Replacing traditional mechanical clutches with magnetoelastic torque sensing products is a simple and straightforward process. These products can be easily integrated into existing flap wing systems without the need for any significant modifications.

The use of magnetoelastic torque sensing products from Melectric Systems for overload detection in aircraft flap wing systems provides numerous advantages over traditional mechanical clutches. They are more durable, accurate, and require less maintenance, making them an ideal replacement for traditional mechanical clutches. With their small form factor and ease of integration, they are an excellent solution for aircraft where weight and space are critical factors.

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