How can Torque sensors improve functional safety in electrical motors

Torque sensors are an essential component in ensuring functional safety measures for electric motors. These sensors are used to measure the torque, or twisting force, that is applied to the shaft of an electric motor. This information can then be used to detect and prevent potential hazards and malfunctions, which can improve the overall safety of the electric motor system. One of the primary benefits of torque sensors is that they can detect and prevent […]

A comparison of magnetostrictive torque sensor technology and strain gauge

Torque measurement is an essential aspect of many industrial and mechanical applications, including electric motors, wind turbines, and robotics. Two of the most widely used technologies for torque measurement are magnetostrictive torque sensors and strain gauge-based torque sensors. Both technologies have their own set of advantages and disadvantages, and the choice between the two will depend on the specific application and requirements. Magnetostrictive torque sensors are based on the magnetostriction phenomenon, which is the ability […]