Drehmomentmessung in der Moto GP

Optimierung in der Moto GP Rennserie mit Drehmomentsensorik von Melectric Systems GmbH In der Welt des Rennsports ist die genaue Kontrolle von Leistung und Schaltvorgängen entscheidend für den Erfolg. Der Schlüssel dazu sind präzise Messwerte, die eine effiziente Diagnose im Betrieb ermöglichen. Mit dem berührungslosen Drehmomentsensor der Melectric Systems GmbH ist es dem KTM-Redbull Factory Racing Team gelungen, die Leistung und den Optimierungsprozess ihres Moto GP Motorrads auf ein neues Niveau zu heben – schnell, […]

Magnetic Torque Sensors in Moto GP Racing Series: Improving Performance with Advanced Measurements

The world of motorsports is constantly evolving, and Moto GP racing is no exception. In order to remain competitive, teams and manufacturers must constantly find new ways to improve performance. One area that has seen significant advancement in recent years is the use of magnetic torque sensors to measure and optimize the performance of racing bikes. Magnetic torque sensors work by using an electric current to generate a magnetic field, which is then used to […]

Torque Measurement to improve Pitstop times in racing

In Formula 1 racing, every second counts. Teams are constantly looking for ways to improve their performance and gain an edge over their competitors. One area where teams can make significant gains is during pit stops, where the right tools and techniques can mean the difference between winning and losing a race. One of the key tools that teams use to improve their pit stop times is torque measurement. During a pit stop, a team […]

Use of Torque Sensors in Motorsports

Von der Formel 1 bis zur Industrie – Kontaktlose Drehmomentmessung im Einsatz

The motorsports industry is all about pushing the limits of performance and innovation. This applies not only to the vehicles themselves, but also to the technology used to measure and improve their performance. One of the key technologies in this regard is torque sensors, which are used to measure the amount of torque being produced by a vehicle’s engine or drivetrain. In Formula 1, torque sensors are used to measure the „Balance of Performance“ (BOP) […]