Melectric Wireless – IOT – solutions
Univeral USE for different Sensors

Melectric Device Manager

  • Wireless connection for Windows and Android devices with our provided APP for our IOT Modules.
  • Full access on all configurations of the module
  • Several other functions like reading -, save data to different File standards.

Melectric BLE IOT – Module

  • Analog and Digital Input channels
  • Numerous configuration options
    • Different power modes
    • selectable sampling rates
    • Configuration of switch on/off
  •  optimized for minimum power consumption

     Power supply

  • We offer varous power supply options for our modules.
  • We would also be happy to provide you with a customer- specific solution. – contact us
Melectric Android and Windows Application
Melectric IOT Module
Energy sources
Melectric Power Sources

                                                               Connect all different Type of sensors with our module and mobile application

Sensors for IOT Application

Wide range in Applications

Our solution enables precise measurement in a wide torque range from 1 Nm to several thousand Nm. Since no additional components are attached to the shaft itself, measurements up to speeds of up to 300,000 rpm are possible. The typical measurement accuracy is 1% FS, the signal bandwidth is typically 1 to 2 kHz but can be increased to over 25 kHz for customer-specific applications. In addition, our amplifier electronics enable the recording of additional measured values, such as temperature, acceleration or speed. MELECTRIC offers many options for analog and digital output signals (0-5 V, 0-10 V, 4-20 mA, CAN BUS, I2C, UART, Bluetooth,…)

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